CHURCH 2 GO - Why and How

The Church of Jesus cannot be stopped, just because of a virus, or the closure of a building. Our Church is all about relationships: our relationship with our God, and our relationships with each other.

In this unprecedented Season of Coronavirus, we have created this special section on our website: CHURCH 2 GO. Please come here and grab what you need regularly. 

We will be posting lots of resources for you to use alone, with others in your home, and to share beyond your four walls - however you are communicating at present. 

To make things easy to find, we have put them in the following pages:

Psalms of Comfort and Challenge

The Spoken Word - audio messages

The Written Word - messages to read

Fun Things - for you to enjoy and share

You may have noticed that we have not done a section, at present, especially for children. This is because we want to encourage families to get together, and use these resources together. Obviously you can do the fun things together as a family, and you can use lots of the other resources together too. We have already heard of families reading the Bible, praying and listening to the audio messages together.

We encourage you, to encourage each other: 

With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

Matthew 19:2 (NIV)