Acrostic Poems

We set you a challenge, a few days ago:

To write an acrostic poem based on a certain word:

Here are the words we suggested:


We provided this one as an example, but we knew that you would be way more creative:

Indoors a lot more than usual
So very different
Only exercising outside, once a day
Lazy people won’t mind that
Although we should all keep moving
Time to do what really matters
Invest time reading the Bible
Offer support to each other remotely
Now is the time for our CHURCH 2 GO creative

Author:  Mark W

Here are the poems we have received from you, so far - together with the name of the author.

Home is now the place to be,
Open books; the work received.
Maths, English, Science - oh, help me please!
Even though I try, I can’t believe
School has sent me these!
Can’t I stay in bed, Mum, please?
How can I focus? What does this mean?
Oh, how I miss all my friends unseen.
Only can I speak to them over screens;
Laughing and joking at funny memes.
Isolation is hard for all (and for me).
No matter how hard it seems,
Gonna trust in God to help us, please.

Author:  Fiona M

I accept we must stay at home
Saving mankind is our aim
Opinions may differ
Leaving us all to ponder
At a loss but,
Together we can
Interfere the spread of this awful virus
Ordinary people can bring us back to

Author:  Richard A

Even though
Sausages, eggs and toilet rolls
Seem essential to some
Emptying the shelves is not very kind
Never take more then you need
Together being smart we can
Inspire others to lead
And make sure that we,
Leave food for the NHS
Some for the elderly and the vulnerable.

Author:  Richard A

Hoping while the schools are closed
Our children are still learning
Mathematics and history are a must
English and French will suffice
Socialising is not allowed you,
Can reconvene when the virus has gone.
Home schooling is the way to go
Offering essential learning
Organising the day ahead
Learning different subjects
In the comfort of your home
Never mind , detentions are not given
Generations will be proud

Author:  Richard A

Everyone of you - come to my shop.
Step in and buy - you will find more than pop.
Shelves are stocked with milk & wine, you will see
Everything is for you and it is for free!
No need to keep your distance, so come closer!
The thoughts of God are good and they differ:
Isaiah tells us in chapter 55
Accept... eat and drink... to stay alive!
Let's have a moment now, when we will
Stop and ask: who actually paid the bill?

Author:  Gabi W

Enjoying family and friends
Serving those who are vulnerable
Spiritual food to sustain
Encouraging others
Not stockpiling or socialising
Thankful for all that I have
In the moment
All needs met out of God’s riches
Let go and trust God
Saviour who meets my eternal needs

Author:  Karen R

Not alone
You and me

Author:  Clare B

Self isolation
Only with family
A big queue outside the shop
Thankful that I don't have the virus
I am thankful for the NHS
Only loud to go out once a day
Not allowed to meet friends and family

Author:  Caleb B

In one place for most of the day....Home
School work set online for the children
Only allowed to go out once a day
Long queues at the Supermarket
Applauding our heroic NHS Workers and Carers
Time to pause; a break from routine
I'm choosing to be thankful in all circumstances
Only seeing those that I live with
Never forgetting that God is in control

Author:  Sarah B

Individual contemplation
Space for yourself
Only you and your family
Loneliness begins to settle in
All your world has paused for now
Time to spend wisely
Inside your home, life goes on
Of course it can be boring
Now let's all stay calm and patient

Author:  Lydia B

A right to clean water

Author:  Jared B

Each other, bringing cheer by text, by landline, by email
Soap to keep our hands germ free
Sing praise to God for His protection
Eggs for protein to keep us strong
NHS 2nd to none
Toilet paper. Really?
Isolate, not so good but has to be done
Anxiety. Phil. 4:6
Love one another
Spirit, Holy - never leaves us.

Author:  Sheena W

Emptiness and vanity, chasing after the wind
Stocking away essentials – what are essentials?
Something that is absolutely necessary?
Extremely important, some say
No more room to pack all these ‘essentials’
This generation has never seen vanity as it is today
In all countries seeking after the same essentials
All that is really essential is to pause and ask ourselves what we should do
Let us humble ourselves, repent, pray and ask God to heal and bless our land.

Author:  Liz M

We would love you to send us your poems, so that we can post them for everyone else to see. Please email them to me or send them to us using the Contact Us page and please confirm that you are happy for us to include your first name when we post it.


At Easter we added another word to the challenge: RESURRECTION (or if you wanted something a bit longer you could try RESURRECTION NOT INSURRECTION which compares Jesus with Barabbas.) 

We have received one poem so far.

Risen Saviour on
Easter Sunday procuring our
Understand this and
Repent and
Rejoice in
Eternal life in
Christ for
Today and tomorrow and
In the future, forever.
Only believe and He will
Never, never leave you!

Author:  Sheena W