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30 May 2020 - The book ends - the journey continues

We come to the end of the Gospel of John in this message.
The book comes to an end - but the call of Jesus continues.
Jesus asks a key question: Do you love me?
Peter asks a question too: What about him?
And there is a clear message for all of us: You must follow me.

23 May 2020 - Follow the science or obey the voice of Jesus?

Some of Jesus' disciples had been fishing all night long and had caught nothing.
Jesus spoke to them early in the morning.
What did he tell them to do?
How would you have responded if you had been in their situation?

16 May 2020 - Why?

Why did God the Father send his Son Jesus into the world?
Why did Jesus come into the world?
Why did John write the Gospel of John?

09 May - Devoted Thomas

How did Thomas react, when he had been proved wrong?
How do we react?
What can we learn from Thomas?
What can we learn about devotion?

02 May 2020 - Jesus appears during lock-down

Jesus' disciples were in lock-down.
What were they thinking?
How were they feeling?
Why were they afraid?
How did Jesus minister to them during lock-down?
What does Jesus offer to us during lock-down?

30 Apr 2020 - Training the next generation during lock-down

Are we teaching the next generation?
Are we training them?
What is the difference?
Why does it matter?

24 Apr 2020 - When God calls us by name

Everything changes, when God calls our name.
Throughout history, God has been calling people by name and sending them out on a mission.
Is God calling us by name?
How will we respond?

22 Apr 2020 - Where can we dump all our rubbish - during lock-down?

We all know that rubbish and junk clog up our homes.
What about the rubbish and junk that clog up our hearts and minds?
And during this period of lock-down: what about something new to wear:
What about a new identity?

18 Apr 2020 - What did he believe? What do we believe?

What is the easiest thing, that we are called to do, as believers in Jesus?
What is the hardest thing, that we are called to do, as believers in Jesus?

11 Apr 2020 - Sounds in the Easter narrative

Sounds play an important part in the way we interact with the world around us.
Sounds are an integral part of the Easter narrative too.
Let's look at these sounds together.

09 Apr 2020 - What does a cross mean to you? What does the cross mean to you?

In a spelling test, a cross means that something is wrong.
On a birthday card, a little cross denotes a kiss – a way of saying that someone loves someone else.
When you go to vote – a cross means that someone has chosen someone else.
When we are doing sums – a cross means that something is about to be added or multiplied.
But what does the cross of Jesus mean?

04 Apr 2020 - Opening eyes... Entering in... Turning upside down

This is a special message for all the family as we celebrate Jesus entering Jerusalem.
We are all called to worship God - as his children.

01 Apr 2020 - When all the places of worship are closed

What do we do, when all the places of worship are closed?
Many people in our world, worship sport, music, food & drink and luxury.
How are they coping at the moment - whilst their places of worship are closed?
And what about us?
How can we worship the Living God - whilst being unable to meet, face to face?

28 Mar 2020 - Thinking, Speaking and Doing - at such a time as this

Every generation of believers has faced unprecedented times.
We learn from some famous names in the Bible - including Nicodemus.
Let's invite God to be Lord of our lives:
Lord of our thinking, Lord of our speaking and Lord of everything we do - at such a time as this.

27 Mar 2020 - What was Jesus doing, when he was twelve years old?

What was Jesus doing as a child and as a teenager?
What can we learn from him?
This All Age presentation is for children of every age:
Whether you are under 10 or over 80

21 Mar 2020 - Is this the end of the world? Is Jesus about to return?

How are we to interpret the changes that are taking place around us?
How should we respond?

20 Mar 2020 - The End of Isolation

Isolation is a very relevant word at the moment.
We are all keeping our distance in view of Coronavirus.
Many people are in isolation today.
And Jesus was isolated too: because he loves us.



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