Sermons By Date: 2020

04 Apr 2020 - Opening eyes... Entering in... Turning upside down

This is a special message for all the family as we celebrate Jesus entering Jerusalem.
We are all called to worship God - as his children.

01 Apr 2020 - When all the places of worship are closed

What do we do, when all the places of worship are closed?
Many people in our world, worship sport, music, food & drink and luxury.
How are they coping at the moment - whilst their places of worship are closed?
And what about us?
How can we worship the Living God - whilst being unable to meet, face to face?

28 Mar 2020 - Thinking, Speaking and Doing - at such a time as this

Every generation of believers has faced unprecedented times.
We learn from some famous names in the Bible - including Nicodemus.
Let's invite God to be Lord of our lives:
Lord of our thinking, Lord of our speaking and Lord of everything we do - at such a time as this.

27 Mar 2020 - What was Jesus doing, when he was twelve years old?

What was Jesus doing as a child and as a teenager?
What can we learn from him?
This All Age presentation is for children of every age:
Whether you are under 10 or over 80

21 Mar 2020 - Is this the end of the world? Is Jesus about to return?

How are we to interpret the changes that are taking place around us?
How should we respond?

20 Mar 2020 - The End of Isolation

Isolation is a very relevant word at the moment.
We are all keeping our distance in view of Coronavirus.
Many people are in isolation today.
And Jesus was isolated too: because he loves us.

08 Mar 2020 - Three invitations

Looking at the invitations in Hebrews 10:19-25 (Let us...) to draw near to God, to hold fast to the hope we profess, and to encourage one another.

01 Mar 2020 - Who is your King?

Who is your King?
Who is our King?
Do we want to be ruled by a King?
Do we want to have someone ruling over us?
We look at 2 occasions when people rejected God as their King, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament.
Do we want the Living God to be our King? 

23 Feb 2020 - Walking Faithfully with God - Walking by Faith

We don't get told much about Enoch in the Bible, but what we do get told is very profound: Enoch walked faithfully with God.
What can we learn from Enoch?
What does it mean, to walk faithfully with God?
What does it mean to walk by faith?

16 Feb 2020 - Four “what’s?” and a “who?”

In this message, we look at the account of Jesus before Pilate, when the Jewish leaders demand that Jesus be put to death - and we ask 5 questions:
What charges?
What had Jesus actually done?
What kingdom?
What is truth?
Who do we want to be released?

09 Feb 2020 - Do we need to hear it more than twice?

Are there things that God has been telling you for years - and you still have have not really got it?
We look at three things that Peter was asked, or told, three times over.
We touch on failure, humbleness, repentance, love, and restoration.
And, in that context, we end by asking: can we really continue thinking in terms of "them and us"?

26 Jan 2020 - Four signs of Jesus' blessing: four signs of good health

Jesus is sending us into the world with the message of salvation.
Today we see:
4 reasons for being sent
4 requirements of being sent
4 signs of Jesus' blessing
4 signs of good health
Which are all valid for disciples, groups and churches

05 Jan 2020 - What lies waiting down the line?

What will this new decade hold for us?
When was the easy decade?
Jesus makes it very clear that we will have trouble in this world, but he also assures us: Take heart! I have overcome the world.

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