Activities for men

Please see our calendar for details of when and where these activities take place.

Brothers in Arms

Once a month the men meet together on a Saturday to pray at 8 am.

Digging into the Bible always provides a focus - and then we get straight into praying.

We spend time:

  • Worshipping our wonderful God.
  • Praying for our witness.
  • Praying for our families and relationships.
  • Praying for each other.
  • Praying for the people we know who need a Saviour.

All men are invited to join us.

Following Jesus can be a battle at times - that’s why we are Brothers in Arms.

Come and join us

Your Brothers Need You!

Other Activities

The above activities are specifically for men.

You may also be interested in activities listed in the following sections:



Prayer and Bible Study


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