Free to make mistakes

God loves us.

He forgives us.

And he calls us to follow him.

God wants us to serve him - and the people around us.

And he calls us to be leaders too:

  • In our families.
  • In our church.
  • In our community.
  • In our world.

God has a role for each one of us.

He has a job for you too.

And that can be a daunting task.

What if we make a mistake?

What if we cannot do the job, the way the previous person did?

Betty had been organising the catering at her church for over 20 years.

As she got older, it became apparent that someone else needed to take over.

Sally was asked to take on the responsibility - but she was not convinced.

"I could never be a Betty" she said.

Jovita overheard the conversation and said:

"Don’t even try to be a Betty. Just ask the Lord for his help - and do the best you can."

Five years later, Sally is still heading up the catering team.

She has been such a blessing to the church.

She has made a few mistakes along the way - but so what?

Free to make mistakes

God sets us free to try new things - and even to make mistakes.

God is not looking for clever kids - who know it all.

He is looking for obedient children - who are willing to learn.

(For the sake of confidentiality, Sally’s story is a combination of many people’s stories, with names and details changed.)

But maybe you can identify with Sally.

God is calling us to humbly serve him.

And sometimes we will make mistakes too.

At times like this we need to be honest, admit our mistakes and apologize if necessary.

True service starts with a willing heart.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.

James 4:10 (NIV)