Sermon Series Index

This sermon index is arranged alphabetically by series title.

Series Title Topic or Scripture Focus
Advent, Christmas & New Year (2019)  Celebrating Emmanuel - God with us
Advent, Christmas & New Year (2020)  Looking at Christmas in a different way
Advent, Christmas & New Year (2023 -24)  Fresh insights on familiar narratives
Book of Titus  An older man teaches a younger
Caring for Creation  God made it: let's respect it
Christmas and New Year 2021 / 2022  Celebrating the birth of our Saviour
Christmas and New Year 2022 / 2023 Looking again at the Birth of Jesus
Days of Elijah  The ups and downs of the Man of God
Easter (2019)  Celebrating the sacrifice and the victory
Easter (2021)  Victory on the Cross
Easter (2023)  Celebrating the sacrifice and resurrection of our Lord
Free  Jesus sets us free - let's live it
Genesis  Exploring this amazing book of beginnings
John's First Letter  Learning from Uncle John
John's Gospel - Looking at the Lamb  Written so that we may believe and have life
Jonah  Who do you feel sorry for - at the end of the narrative
Learning from Peter  Learning from Uncle Peter
Paul's letter to the Philippians  What can we learn about life, death and joy?
Ready, Steady, Go  Are we ready?
Satan, the Devil and Demons What does the Bible actually teach about Satan, the Devil and Demons?
Whispers of Eternity Preparing for Jesus' return