Sermons By Date: 2021

28 Feb 2021 - Whispers of Eternity - Ephesians 5:21-33 

Why does Paul say that we should submit to one another?
How do you interpret Paul's teaching on marriage?
How does marriage relate to eternity?

 14 Feb 2021 - Whispers of Eternity - Ephesians 4

God wants to equip his people for works of service.
Does that include us? Does it include you?
What does God want us to put off?
What does he want us to put on?
Is there anything else he wants us to put off?

07 Feb 2021 - Whispers of Eternity - Ephesians 3

Why was Paul prepared to face jail frequently?
What is the great mystery?
What does God intend to do, through us, the Church?
What are the four dimensions of God's love?
To whom should we be giving glory?

31 Jan 2021 - Whispers of Eternity - Ephesians 2

Who is the Ruler of the Kingdom of the Air?
What is the relevance of: Screen >>> Eyes >>> Heart?
God offers to make everything new:
New Life
New Handiwork
New Purpose
New Nearness
New Humanity
New Citizenship
New Dwelling

24 Jan 2020 - Whispers of Eternity - Ephesians 1

Did you know that God planned his Church, before the creation of the earth?
With that in mind: what responsibilities do we have today?

17 Jan 2021 - Whispers of Eternity - Galatians

Have you become weary?
Has the whole Covid thing left you exhausted?
If this is how you are feeling - you are not alone.
We understand you - we are feeling the same.
And God has addressed this in scripture.

10 Jan 2020 - Whispers of Eternity - 2 Corinthians 9 + 10

What do we mean, when we say, that we do not live by the standards of this world?
How can we operate differently to the world?
What does it mean to sow generously?
What does it mean to reap generously?
And what does God say about giving to his Church?

03 Jan 2021 - Quality Street

This is the fifth message in our Christmas series - based on some of your favourite sweet treats.
Today we are thinking about Quality Street.
When you think about Quality Street, does it bring back memories from the past?
Does it make you feel nostalgic?
But is nostalgia realistic?
Is there a Quality Street mentioned in the Bible?
What does it have to do with eternity?

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