Sermons By Date: 2022

Did the flood solve any real problems?
Did it solve the sin problem?
Did it get to the heart of the problem?
What does the flood teach us?

01 May 2022 - Who Shut the Door?

We look at two questions today:
Who Shut the Door?
Who Opened the Way?
And we see, our God, being Hands-on, to bring us salvation.

24 Apr 2022 - Feeling downcast on the road

Today we read about two of Jesus' followers, who were downcast on the road to Emmaus.
We look at a number of questions that they faced back then, that are still relevant for us today.

17 Apr 2022 - School project at Easter

Imagine that you were at school, back in the day, when Jesus was crucified.
You were given a school project, to film and edit events in Israel.
What details would you include in your report?

15 Apr 2022 - Good Friday Message

Do you ever struggle, with the desires that battle within you?
How could Jesus say, to the criminal on the cross: Today you will be with me in paradise?
Why was the curtain in the temple torn in two?

10 Apr 2022 - Jesus is Coming

Jesus arrives in Jerusalem, on a donkey.
Jesus is coming!
How are we responding to him?
(You may like to read John 11 & 12 before listening to this message.)

03 Apr 2022 - Why do we celebrate the Lord’s Supper

To reflect on the Lord’s Supper, and remember Calvary and rejoice for our future eternity

27 Mar 2022 - God's Heart and the Human Heart

What do you see, when you look around the world today?
What does God see?
What is the Heart of the problem?

20 Mar 2022 - Walking faithfully with God

What do you think about, walking with God?
Is it easy or hard?
Is it essential or optional?
What can we learn from Enoch?

13 Mar 2022 - War on earth

When did the first world war take place?
When did the second world war take place?
We look at six features of war, throughout history.

06 Mar 2022 - The Last Days

We are living in terrible times among deceptive men in an apostate world, …is there any hope? But God has given us an antidote!

27 Feb 2022 - Cursed is the ground - Genesis 3 (Part 2)

Do you ever look at the news and ask - what is wrong with our world?
Ever since the time of Adam and Eve - the ground that we walk on has been cursed.
But Christ has redeemed us from the curse, by becoming a curse for us.

20 Feb 2022 - Something amiss in the Garden: Genesis 3 (Part 1) 

How does temptation work?
What tactics does Satan employ, when tempting us?
What schemes did he use in the Garden of Eden?

13 Feb 2022 - Everything was very good but one thing is not good: Genesis 2

What is not good?
What did God do to resolve the situation?
Today we celebrate God's creation and the institution of marriage.

06 Feb 2022 - Order, structures, rules and boundaries in God's creation. Genesis 1:1 – 2:3

How do you view God's creation?
Are you aware of all the order, structures, rules and boundaries that God has put in place?
When God saw all that he had made, the Bible says that it was very good.

30 Jan 2022 - Let’s start at the very beginning: Genesis 1:1-5

What really happened in the very beginning?
We look at the opening words of Genesis, and the opening words of John's Gospel, to answer this question.

23 Jan 2022 - Open the Door

Where does God live on earth today?
We look at the Tent of Meeting in Shiloh and the Temple in Jerusalem, together with 2 of Jesus's prophecies, regarding the Jerusalem Temple.

16 Jan 2022 - Itching ears & tingling ears

The Itching Ear Brigade would do well to remember, the Living God who can make Ears tingle.
We look at the Apostle Paul's advice to Timothy, in which he mentions "itching ears" and also at God's words to Samuel, in which he mentions "tingling ears".

09 Jan 2022 - Satan in the New Testament

This is the final message in our series on Satan, in which we look at nine examples of Satan’s tactics in the New Testament.
And we need to be warned: He may use the same strategies today.

02 Jan 2022 - New Year - in the time of Moses

How do you celebrate New Year?
What do you actually celebrate at New Year?
In the time of Moses, God ordained New Year celebrations, which were full of meaning and significance.
What can we learn from them?


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