Sermons By Date: 2023

31 Dec 2023 - New Year or New You?

What will you focus on as we enter 2024?
New Year - or New You?
Old Complaints - or a New Song?
Old Worries - or New Faith?
Old Self or New Self?

17 Dec 2023 - Where are you planning to spend Christmas? Where are you planning to spend eternity? 

Jesus offers us eternal life, that starts now and lasts for ever!
Do you want to be part of his kingdom?

10 Dec 2023 - Mary

What can we learn from Mary?
How does she challenge our hearts?

03 Dec 2023 - Joseph

How would you describe Joseph in just one word?
What can we learn from him?

26 Nov 2023 - Elizabeth

Do you ever feel like the odd one out?
Do you ever declare the word of God?
What can we learn from Elizabeth?

19 Nov 2023 - Zechariah

Have you ever asked a question, and then wished you hadn't asked it?
What do our questions say about us?
What can we learn from Zechariah?

12 Nov 2023 - Don’t hide in a time of War

In a time of war, we need to challenge each other:
Do not hide the good news
Do not hide your light
Do not hide your talent
Do not hide under the duvet

05 Nov 2023 - Do you still not understand? 

Why did Jesus challenge his disciples, with the words "Do you still not understand?"
Do you think that he may be asking the same question of us?
Do we understand that our God, who has worked in the past, is still at work today?

29 Oct 2023 - I do believe - help me overcome my unbelief

Do you ever feel that we are not being totally honest when we pray?
What about the man who said: I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief?
What can we learn from his prayer?

22 Oct 2023 - Consider carefully what you hear

Jesus says that we must consider carefully what we hear
What does that mean in 2023?
How does it apply to us?

15 Oct 2023 - I am what I am - but only by the grace of God

What does grace sound like?
Why do people either love grace or hate it?
Are you living by grace or dying by works?

08 Oct 2023 - The Lord Jesus: A Superior High Priest

The Lord Jesus will preserve all who come to God through him by means of his intercession on our behalf.

01 Oct 2023 - Not ashamed

We should not be ashamed of the gospel because it is good news, about salvation and about righteousness - How we become right with God

24 Sep 2023 - Looking at our face in a mirror, and... what?

In the book of James, we read: Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like someone who looks at his face in a mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like.

How does this apply to us?

17 Sep 2023 - Some bread or the Bread?

Do you want God to give you some bread or the Bread?
Jesus is the Bread of Life?

10 Sep 2023 - The tongue also is a fire

Why does the Bible say that the tongue is a fire?
Can anyone tame the tongue?
What about disciples who want to start fires?
What about creating fire breaks?
What about having flowing water?

03 Sep 2023 - Speaking boldly for the Lord, without education or training

Do you love Jesus?
Are you speaking boldly for him?
What excuses do we make, for not speaking for the Lord?
What about the blind man, who spoke boldly for Jesus, without any education or training?

27 Aug 2023 - Nearly forgiven or really forgiven?

Do you feel guilty, or do you know that you are forgiven?
What is the secret of forgiveness?
Why is it important to confess our sins?
Why do we need to forgive others?
What happens when we turn to Jesus?
Why do we need to come home?

20 Aug 2023 - Longing for a better country

Are you living by faith?
Are you longing for a better country?
Are you longing for a heavenly country?

13 Aug 2023 - What would you say about your sons? 

Imagine that you had 12 sons, and you had to say something about each one of them:
What would you say?
Would you be honest and objective, or would you be biased?
What did Jacob say about his 12 sons?

06 Aug 2023 - Breaking with convention and tradition

Are you a rule maker, a rule keeper, or a rule breaker?
Do you obey all the traditions and conventions in our generation?
Jesus went against the conventions and traditions of his day - to reach out to people who needed a saviour.

30 Jul 2023 - Ministering to the poor

Does God care about the poor?
Should we care about those who are in poverty?
How do you help people - without making them dependent?
How do you help people - without taking away their dignity?
What can we learn from Joseph on this subject?

23 Jul 2023 - Are you on a pilgrimage?

Jacob described himself as being on a pilgrimage.
What about us?  Are we on a pilgrimage too?
What does that mean?
What does it look like in today's world?

16 Jul 2023 - What is on your Bucket List?

What kinds of moments were so significant in the Bible, that men of God could declare: Now I am ready to die?

09 Jul 2023 - Don't quarrel on the way!

Why did Joseph tell his brothers: don't quarrel on the way?
What does it mean, to be on the way?
What causes fights & quarrels?
What is the solution?

02 Jul 2023 - My son Joseph is still alive

How would you have reacted, if you were Joseph's Father, or one of his brothers, when you discovered that Joseph was still alive?
How are you reacting to the news, that Jesus is alive?

25 Jun 2023 - Mordecai

The faith and principles of Mordecai, his refusal to compromise even when threatened with death. His example should be a source of encouragement for us all when our faith is tested.

18 Jun 2023 - Finding strength in God

In 1 Sam.27:1-30:31 we see one of David's 'low' points which is brought about by his being distant from the Lord. We then see him turning back to the Lord, and his situation improves.

11 Jun 2023 - Killing our brothers and sisters - or laying down our lives for them

The Apostle Paul, John Newton, and Joseph's brother Judah, all persecuted others.
Can such people be saved?
Can such people be forgiven?
Can such people mend their ways?
Can they ever do anything good?
How does this relate to us?

04 Jun 2023 - Love versus fear

Are you motivated by love or by fear?
When Joseph met his brothers, what was motivating him?
What was motivating his brothers?

28 May 2023 - Weeping in a time of famine

Why did Joseph speak harshly to his brothers?
Why did he weep when he met them?

21 May 2023 - Why 2 symbols? Why 2 dreams?

Why was the message at the Last Supper, given in 2 forms, with 2 symbols?
Why did God communicate with Pharaoh, using 2 dreams?

14 May 2023 - Joseph was free - even in jail

Can you imagine what it must be like, going to jail for something that you did not do?
What was it like for Joseph?
Joseph was Free, even in jail, because the Lord was with him, and because he trusted in his God.
Joseph cared for others in the midst of his suffering.
What about us?

07 May 2023 - Be alert and sober - Stand firm in the faith

God had a plan for Joseph's life - he was going to become the ruler of Egypt.
But meanwhile, Joseph had to be alert and sober.
Do you love God?
Have you been called by God?
Are you submitting yourself to his purposes?
Are you allowing God to work?

30 Apr 2023 - Pretending to do the right thing

Do you ever pretend to do the right thing?
Do you ever do something, with a religious motivation, when in reality, your heart is not in it?
Onan pretended to do the right thing in Genesis.
The Pharisees and Sadducees pretended to do the right thing in the New Testament.
God is calling us to stop pretending.

23 Apr 2023 - What was Joseph doing when he was seventeen?

What were you doing when you were seventeen?
What was Joseph doing when he was seventeen?
What can we learn from him, about living in the will of God?

16 Apr 2023 - True Leadership

How does the way of the world differ from the way of God?
How should godly leaders differ from leaders within the world?
We compare the nation of Edom with the nation of Israel, as found in Genesis 36.

09 Apr 2023 - Special Offers at Easter 

God has some wonderful offers for:
1. The lost
2. The sad and discouraged
3. Those who have let Jesus down
4. Those who need the presence and power of God

07 Apr 2023 - Not my will, but yours be done

What did it cost Jesus, to go to the cross?
What were the seven words that changed history?

02 April 2023 - Where have you come from? Where are you going to? 

Do you know what tomorrow will bring?
Would you like to know?
Do you prefer to serve, or do you prefer to be served?
Do you know where you have come from?
Do you know where you are going to?
Does knowing this, change your attitude towards service?

26 Mar 2023 - What is your view of the Cross? Godly or Worldly?

The Cross of Christ—— is your view Godly or Worldly. There is a big difference. We are called to take up Our Cross and follow Jesus.

19 Mar 2023 - The Heaven's declare the Glory of God

How do we know that God is there?
How do we learn of him and come to him?

1. Read the book of Nature (the created universe)
2. Read the book Scripture
3. Read the book of your Heart

12 Mar 2023 - Humbling the Proud

The message records the testimony of King Nebuchadnezzar, as he is humbled of his sin of pride, which we are all guilty of!

05 Mar 2023 - Marriage - the Original Plan and the Ongoing Plan

There are 3 sections to this message:
1. Son of my Trouble
2. Son of my Right Hand
3. Creating a Right Hand relationship
What can we learn from Jacob and Rachel?

26 Feb 2023 - Return to God

This message has 4 components:
1. Get rid of your foreign gods
2. Return to the House of God
3. Have your identity changed
4. Increase in number

19 Feb 2023 - Do two wrongs make a right?

Should a whole nation be punished, because of one individual?
Can the whole world be saved, because of one man's sacrifice?

12 Feb 2023 - No favouritism in the gospel

Jacob is about to meet his brother Esau - after being apart for 20 years.
We see joyful forgiveness in the narrative, and we also see some favouritism too.
But we end by declaring that there is no favouritism in the gospel.

05 Feb 2023 - Are you struggling? Are you wrestling?

What do you struggle with?
Who do you struggle with?
Why are you wrestling?
Jacob wrestled with God and with humans.
What can we learn from him?

29 Jan 2023 - Letting go of your little gods

Do you have any little gods?
Where do you keep them?
Do they damage your relationship to the living God?

22 Jan 2023 - God's blessing in the midst of deception

Jacob was deceived by his uncle Laban.
But God was in control.
Jacob benefitted from God's blessing because he had chosen the Lord as his personal God.
Are you ever deceived by others?
Who is your God?

15 Jan 2023 - Heir not Spare

What title would you give to your memoir?
Being spare - can drive you SPARE
But, as children of God - we are not spares but HEIRS

08 Jan 2023 - How great was Jacob? How great is Jesus?

Jacob is described, in the New Testament as a Great Father.
How great was Jacob?
How great is Jesus?

01 Jan 2023 - Born into a world of Persecution

Jesus was born into a world of persecution.
Who was behind that persecution?
What about today?

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