Sermons By Date: 2024

18 Feb 2023 - Me or Us? Part 2

Last week we looked at the importance of unity within the body of Christ, and that we should not declare that we do not need each other.
This week, in part 2, we look at how we should behave, if and when we find that we are the only believer in a certain location or season in life.
How did Old Testament characters behave, when they were alone?
What did Jesus do, when he was alone?

11 Feb 2024 - Me or Us?

As an introduction to this message, we were given the opportunity to discuss a fictitious couple who say:
"We love Jesus, but we have no time for church!
From now on, it’s the two of us and Jesus!
Church is full of hypocrites, who will let you down!
We love Jesus, but we don’t need church!"
(This is not included in the recording.)
We look at what Jesus' teaches on this subject, and end with an illustration of a jug and some cups.

04 Feb 2024 - The Great Dilemma - part 2

Following on from last week's message, we have some further dilemmas to ponder this morning:
To live or to die?
Financial gain or godliness with contentment?
Friendship with God or friendship with the world?

28 Jan 2024 - The Great Dilemma

What is the greatest dilemma that we face today?
Jesus says: Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed.
How does this relate to Jesus?
How does this relate to us?

21 Jan 2024 - Glory! Grace! Truth!

John's Gospel talks about Jesus' glory, grace and truth.
Who can see the glory of God?
What kind of people can see the grace of God?
Who can accept the truth of God?

14 Jan 2024 - Blessing our children

How can we really bless our children?
How can we invite God's blessing into their lives?
How can we play our part?

07 Jan 2024 - How will you respond to the King of the Jews?

The Magi arrived in Jerusalem asking for the King of the Jews.
Who else refers to Jesus as the "King of the Jews" in the gospels?
How will you respond to the King of the Jews?

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