Youth activities

Please see our calendar for details of when and where these activities take place.

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One 2 Free

We all know how important it is for our children to learn the basics at school.

Literacy, numeracy, science, music and sport.

History, geography, drama and even finance.

They are all so key for life.

And at One 2 Free we learn the basics of following Jesus.

He is the source of true LIFE.

We are One 2 Free - because Jesus sets us free.

We are never too young to learn about the freedom that Jesus offers us.

And we do that in a fun and interactive way:

  • We learn from the Bible.
  • We sing songs together.
  • We play plenty of games.
  • We do loads of craft activities.

If you are aged between three and fourteen: One 2 Free is for you.

We divide into different age groups as appropriate.

(One 2 Free meets on most Sundays throughout the year - but not on every Sunday. Please check our calendar for more details)

Youths with ball

One 2 Free Club

Once our children have made friends at One 2 Free on Sundays, we find that they want to do other activities together too.

One 2 Free Club meets at various times throughout the year for social events - evenings, weekend and daytime during school holidays.

We meet in people’s homes, and in public places such as the park, or bowling alley. It is great for our children to have fun together in a relaxed and safe atmosphere.

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One 2 Free Home

When you are young, and God touches your heart, sometimes you want to dig deeper into the Bible and ask more questions. One 2 Free Home provides a fun and relaxed atmosphere where we can have a lively discussion. We meet in various homes on Sunday evenings and encourage the young people themselves to take part in planning and hosting these events.

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All Age Sunday Celebrations

We love children and we love families.

Most weeks the children go out to One 2 Free before we start the adult's teaching session.

Occasionally we hold All Age Celebrations instead.

On these Sundays we celebrate and learn together as the whole church family.

This is great for the children, and it is great for the adults too.

There is real value in learning together - with people of all ages.

We have lots going on designed to be engaging for the children - but the adults learn so much in this environment too.

Children are often more honest than adults - so the learning experience can be a 2 way thing.

We often send out questions to the children and their parents, by E-mail ahead of time.

We love to encourage parents and children to read and discuss the Bible together.

We then explore the questions together with them, at the All Age Celebration.

This is a great expression of our belief, that teaching our children is a joint responsibility between parents and the church.

Youths talking

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