Series: Ready, Steady, Go

Part 1

Have you heard that Jesus is coming back again?
Are you looking forward to his return?
Are you ready and steady, to go into our community with his love?
Are you ready and steady, to go into our community with his message of salvation?

Part 2

Following on from last week:
Joshua told the people to choose.
The Apostle Paul told his friend Timothy to watch his life and doctrine closely.
How does this apply to us?
How can we watch ourselves and each other?
How can we be ready to reach our community with the love of Jesus?

Part 3

We start with some of our children, reading Jesus' parables from Luke 15
Then we ask some questions:
What do we mean by community?
What did community look like in the Bible?
What difference did Jesus make to community?
How far should we go, to share the love of Jesus with the people who need him?

 Part 4

Would you like to live like a royal?
If we want to live royals, we need to know about the royal law.
Jesus calls us to love our neighbours.
Who is my neighbour?
How do we become a neighbour?

Part 5

Imagine a church where everyone does as they see fit:
What would it be like?
Why do we need Elders?
What must they do?
What must they be like?