Series: Learning from Peter

Part 1: Why send a greeting?

Why send a greeting?
We all send greetings: on birthdays, when people are ill, before and driving test and at exam time.
But why send a greeting?
And why did the apostle Peter include greetings at the start and end of his letter?
Who was Peter?
What had his life been like?
What can we learn from his greeting?

Part 2: Trials in Context

Do you ever have problems?
Do you ever face difficulties?
Do you ever feel that you are being tested - because of your faith?
Do you feel that you are going through trials?
We need to see our trials in context.
In our reading today, Peter, the writer, puts everything in perspective.

Part 3: Doing and being

What do you consider to be the most important verbs for the people of God?
What "doing and being words" are important to us?
There are plenty of examples in our passage from 1 Peter.
In this message, we will look at just six.
Here they are:


Curious? We invite you to take a listen

Part 5: Living as foreigners and exiles out of reverence for Christ

The advantage of teaching systematically, from a book within the Bible, is that you have to teach the easy things and the things that are a bit more tricky.
This is one of the tricky passages - from Peter's letter.
Peter refers to slaves, pagans, husbands and wives.
Many people today would not agree with much of what Peter says.
But before you discount his teaching as being old fashioned, it is worth noting that even he quotes people who lived about 2,000 years before him.
As you read this passage and listen to this message, it is worth asking:
How do these ancient principles relate to me today?

Part 6: Revere Christ - be prepared

Do we feel frustrated about our witness to the world?
Do we go from one extreme to another?
Would we like God to change our hearts?
What is the one thing we have as believers in Jesus, that our world is looking for?
It is something very rare and very valuable - but what is it?

Part 7: The Christmas attitude

What is the prevalent attitude towards Christmas, in our world today?
If Christmas is about the birth of Jesus:
What is the Christmas attitude?
We continue our series in 1 Peter, and find that his teaching relates to Christmas, and to every day of our lives.
We live in a dangerous world, and we all need armour.
We discover that attitude is armour.

Part 8: Do not be surprised

Are we surprised when we suffer because of our faith?
Should suffering be expected?
What does Peter say about this?
What can we learn from Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego?
Where does Joy fit in?

 Part 9: Be humble: be sober

Peter starts his letter, offering us grace and peace in abundance.
He ends his letter encouraging us to be humble and to be sober.
What is the connection?
What are the risks associated with pride?
What is the promise associated with being humble?