Series: Philippians

Part 1:  What does it mean to live?

Today we are starting to look at Paul's letter to the Philippians.
The letter was written during lock-down and yet Paul made numerous references to joy.
What was his secret?
What did it mean, to him, to live?

Part 2:  Whatever happens

When Paul wrote this letter, he really did not know what was going to happen next, so he told his readers: "Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel."
This short message contains four sections:

1. Whatever happens
2. Be united
3. Be like Jesus
4. Jesus is Lord

Part 3:  Grumbling

What are the advantages of grumbling?
How do you feel when you hear other people grumbling?
What does the Bible say about grumbling?
What did Paul advise the Philippians regarding grumbling?

Part 4:  Press on in Christ

Knowing Jesus is a marathon not a sprint, we must:
1. Press on in Christ…against opposition
2. Press on in Christ…alone
3. Press on in Christ….until the end

Part 5:  What is your identity?

What do you invest in - so as to have an identity?
Do you see yourself in terms of your nationality?
Do you see your identity in terms of your job?
Do you see yourself in terms of your education, hobby or sport?
Where should we find our true identity?
What does the Apostle Paul say in our passage today?

Part 6:  Agree with each other

Within the Church - we are brothers and sisters.
We work, witness and worship together.
Why do we need to agree with each other too?

Part 7:  Don't worry... be joyful... in the Lord

How often should we rejoice?
When do we struggle to rejoice?
How is it possible to be at peace, when things are going wrong?

Part 8:  What are you thinking about?

Our thoughts are churning away, all the time, at the back of our minds.
But what are we thinking about?
The Apostle Paul gives us some advice regarding the sorts of things we should be thinking about.

Part 9:  Can we give to God?

If God has created everything and if everything belongs to God:
What can we give to him?

Part 10:  Living by grace

The Apostle Paul starts and ends his letter to the Philippians by talking about grace.
Grace was so important to Paul and it must be important to us too.
How can we live by grace?