Thank you Jesus for my Mum

Just because we cannot meet face to face as Church on Mother’s Day, it does not mean that we cannot still celebrate our Mums - and thank Jesus for these very special people.

We asked the Dads to get their children to write something, so that we can share their gratitude here on CHURCH 2 GO.

Thank you to all the children who have contributed - you have encouraged us all.

We were going to include the children’s names, with their comments. But we have decided to make it more of a game. We have removed all the names and mixed them up, so that siblings are not together. 

Are you up for the challenge mum? You will have to read them all, and decide which one(s) were written by your child(ren).

We have also given each entry a number, so that families can then contact each other, and share their guesses on which child said what.

  1. Thank you Jesus for my mum, because she is always supportive and kind, and gives me the push I need to get me to do important things (even if I don’t want to). She will always help me with my problems and shows me the right path to take in any situation.

  2. Mum, you are such a wonderful woman. You always bring joy to our lives and your food is always delicious. You’re a hardworking woman and you always support us in everything we do, you have taught us so much and your love is unconditional. You are always so cuddly. You always try your hardest in everything and always make us laugh. Thank you for cooking, cleaning and loving us all the time. Thank you for doing my hair every single day for school and I’m so proud that you are working as a nurse during this hard time.

  3. Thank you Jesus for my mum, because she helps me with my homework and she tidies my room, she loves me, she cares for me, she makes me meals that are delicious, she makes me a tea every morning and I wish her a happy mothers day. 

  4. Thank you Jesus for mum, because she takes care of us. She is loving and has a kind heart.

  5. Thank you, Jesus, for my mum, because she is loving and supportive and kind. She does everything she can to look after my family and me, and to keep us happy, and she always listens to what I’m struggling with, even when I come home grumpy or get annoyed at her first. Even if something seems really unrealistic, she helps me get closer to achieving my goals, and let’s me know that anything is possible. I love you mum!‚Äč

  6. To mum, as I’ve grown up you have taught me so many things about life and how to handle situations. You are my role model and I hope when I become a mum and have a family, I will be just like you. Your faith in God always amazes me and you have shown me what it is like to be a strong woman in Christ. You have always believed in me and pushed me to do my best, thank you. But most importantly you have taught me that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

  7. Thank you Jesus for my Mum, because she provides our meals. She looks after us. She makes sure we get to school safely.

  8. Thank you Jesus for my mum because she is really really nice. She also cooks nice food that tastes really nice. She always looks after us and protects us. You are the best mum. Happy Mother's Day and we love you lots xx

  9. Thank you Jesus for my mum. She is amazing! Whenever I’m down she always has the perfect words to lift me up again. I’m thankful for how supportive she is, she helps me with my violin and I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without her continuous encouragement. She does so many little things like tidying, cooking and smiling that make me feel so loved every day. Thank you for all the time and effort she puts into helping and loving me, I am grateful for her everyday. 

  10. Thank you Jesus for my mum, because she is always helping me with work, and she is kind and friendly to me all the time. 

  11. To our beautiful mother, you are the hardest working woman I know. The way you approach problems and people you always do it in love and without ever asking for anything in return. Your love is never ending, and your hugs are the best! You’re so beautiful and your smile always lights up the room. Even in tough times you have shown us what it means to be a true woman of God and taught us that his power never fails to amaze us. You taught us that beauty is not only on the outside but also on the inside.

  12. Thank you Jesus for my 84-year-old Mum. She loves me loads, she is always there for me and she even baked some macaroons especially for me at Christmas.

  13. Thank you Jesus for my Mum, because she is a prayer warrior and just really amazing. Even if we are horrible or angry she stays calm and loving. I really enjoy reading with her each night. I always look forward to sitting down to watch our favourite TV shows which is a great time. You never stop supporting me in my gymnastics even though I know you'd rather not drive out there so often. You are an amazing mum and I love you soooooo much.

  14. Thank you Jesus for my mum because she cooks for me, she cleans the house for me and she gives me the things I want. I love my mum because she helps me when I am stuck, and she is eager to answer my infinite questions. I also love my mum because she loves me.

  15. Thank you Jesus for my lovely mum who is so kind and always there to help and comfort me. Without her, I would be absolutely nothing. I'm so grateful for all her hard work and passion. So I thank you with all of my heart.

  16. Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mum. I hope through these hard times you stay positive and stay hard working. I don’t think you know how much we all love you even though sometimes we don’t show it, we really appreciate everything you do for us.  Everything you make for us, all the things you sacrifice for us, you do it out of the goodness of your heart. You always make sure that we are fed and well dressed, you always push us to do our best in school and sports. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MUM.

  17. Thank you Jesus for my Mum, because she loves me. She is nice, She is kind.

  18. Thank you Jesus for my mum, because she is always there when I need her. Thank you that she is good at giving me big hugs which make me feel better when I’m upset.

  19. Thank you Jesus for my mum. She is very caring and loving and I know she always wants the best for me. She spends her time helping me improve at cooking and assisting me with my schoolwork. She puts herself before me and always sees the positives.