Understanding our Cuddlies - whilst everyone is at home

Here is another fun thing that everyone can get involved with.

Life has changed a lot recently.

Normally adults go to work during the daytime and children go to school: which means that our Cuddlies normally have the house to themselves, whilst we are all out.

But right now, we are all having to share the house - which puts an extra responsibility on all of us. We all need to think for each other.

Please spare a thought for your Cuddly or your Cuddlies at this difficult time. Please put together some fun activities for them, and send us your photos of what they have been doing.

Please include a catchy caption to explain what is going on.

Here are some photos to start you thinking. All these photos were taken this week, here in Bracknell.


I’m trying to double the recipe.


I probably should turn off this rubbish… but I can’t quite reach the remote control.


Waste not… want not. This is the only way to get to the last drop of honey.


Quite comfy really… maybe I should buy some more.


We ought to try making our own clothes… but how does this thing work?

Tips for taking some great photos

  1. Think about your background - contrasting colours work well.
  2. Think about lighting and shadow - natural daylight is often best.
  3. Arrange your Cuddly or Cuddlies surrounded by objects that help tell the story.
  4. Get other people involved as you start to think creatively.
  5. Please do not include yourself in the photo.
  6. Please don’t send photos of your Cuddlies without getting their permission.
  7. Please don’t put yourself or your Cuddlies in danger whilst taking your photos.

Please send your photos by E-mail or contact us using the Contact Us form so that we can arrange to get your photos - to share here on this page.

Have fun - and be creative.

Here are the photos we have received from you so far, please keep sending them in.


I’m not going quackers, time is just flying by!


How did you get up there?


Weekly book club. “Who would like to share this week?”


Just doing my homework during the pand(a)emic !


Banister climbing expedition


The control centre has been taken over from Mark B!


A beautiful concert, with very able page turning.


Must find out what happens next!




This is my Dad's teddy, called Teddy! He is 75 and very distinguished as you can tell.  He has seen plenty of mischief over the years as you can imagine but now is quite happy eating marmalade and reading.



1.New bear

New Bear

1.polar scene

Polar Scene

1.squirrel snakes & ladders

Squirrel Snakes and Ladders

Social Distancing Play Date

Social Distancing Play Date

Home Cinima

Home Cinema

Helping Unpack the Shopping

First shop under quarantine, running low on a few things, my friends decided to help us unpack (to see if there was any sweet treats)

Fetch Gone Wrong

Fetch gone wrong

Some of us still have to work, Darling

Some of us still have to work darling

Hiding Eggs

Hiding Eggs

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