Series: Christmas and New Year 2021 / 2022

Part 1:  Jesus in the Old Testament

People often assume, that Jesus came into existence, on that first Christmas, about 2,000 years ago.
But Jesus has existed since forever.
Let's look at some of the hints, glimpses and foreshadowing of him, in the Old Testament.

Part 2:  Jesus Came. Jesus Comes. Jesus will Come

Jesus Came.
Jesus Comes.
Jesus will Come.
Are we waiting for Jesus's return?
Are we praying for his return?

Part 3:  John the Baptist 

John the Baptist, The messenger, preparing the way of the Lord.

Part 4:  The Birth that changed the world

The annunciation of Christ and how the Birth changed the world.

Part 5:  Eat, drink, and be merry! Or is there something more?

We have all heard the term: eat, drink and be merry.
Where does it come from?
Is it sound advice?
Is there anything else to life?

Part 6:  Allowing the Good News to cause you Great Joy!

The angel told the shepherds that the good news will cause great joy to all people.
Are you allowing the good news to cause great joy in your life?
Are there any changes that you need to make, to truly experience great joy?

Part 7:  New Year - in the time of Moses

How do you celebrate New Year?
What do you actually celebrate at New Year?
In the time of Moses, God ordained New Year celebrations, which were full of meaning and significance.
What can we learn from them?